Developed in Sydney Australia, ATMOSPHERE has undertaken extensive product research and successful field trials throughout Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and the USA with manufacturing and distribution in Australia (Sydney NSW, Gold Coast QLD, Melbourne VIC, Adelaide SA), New Zealand (Auckland, Hamilton), Chile (Santiago), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), Thailand (Bangkok) and USA (Chicago Illinois).

ATMOSPHERE has been tested and proven to be the best, environmentally safest, pH neutral product of its kind sold or distributed anywhere in the world. Designed with the environment, people and equipment in focus, ATMOSPHERE cleans and degreases with the strength of a heavy duty cleaner and at the same time, disinfects with a 6 log reduction (99.9999%) on bacteria and viruses within 30 seconds - 10 minutes, with the added benefit of eliminating all odour instantly.

ATMOSPHERE comes with the knowledge and expertise of highly trained chemists, scientists and sales professionals who are committed to identifying and solving a broad range of challenges across multiple industries.

ATMOSPHERE is effective over many different applications saving corporations potentially millions of dollars in productivity and safety, with vast improvements on bottom line growth.

A few example Areas ATMOSPHERE is being applied are; Waste Management, Water Treatment Facilities, Sewage Plants, Mining Operations, Food Processing, Commercial Cleaning, Hospitals, Schools and Agricultural Operations.

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